Body Treatments

Body Massage 60min – $77
Body Massage 90min – $102

A full body Swedish massage designed to ease tension, relieve stress and promote a general state of well-being. Choice of aromatherapy oils.

Back Massage 45min – $63
A tension relieving massage targeting the stress prone back, neck and shoulders.

Body Salt Massage 60min – $77
A relaxing massage with body salt and your choice of aromatherapy oils, leaving you feeling revitalised and relaxed.

Stone Therapy 90min – $102
This is a profoundly centring therapy with heated basalt stones and soothing cool marble, which brings about a therapeutic response. This aids the body in healing and detoxifying as the warm stones glide across your body, soothing the nervous system, clearing toxins and toning the skin. A must for those in need of revitalising the body and mind.

Body Massage Plus Fancy Feet 75min – $85
After your body massage, we devote 15 min to your aching feet.

Body Mud Mask 60min – $77
Following a gentle body massage, a green or red clay is applied. Wrapped in blankets, your face is cleansed, your feet and scalp massaged. Warm towels remove all traces of product. Finish with body lotion.